A to Z Winery is an excellent example of what can be accomplished when environmental consciousness, visual aesthetic, and production functionality are given equal emphasis in the design process. This state-of-the-art winemaking production facility is being constructed in harmony with its surroundings while integrating functionality with environmental sustainability.

WALSH is self-performing much of the work for A to Z Winery, including:

Phase 1 (Swing Building): Metal building to house fermentation tanks, offices and a lab. Includes a CO2 extraction system. Unique characteristics are large polycarbonate clear-story, many overhead doors, large catwalk system to access tops of tanks. 30-feet tall. Will be used to process large quantities of wine to ferment, settle, store.

Phase 2 (Pivot Building): Three-story building; first floor will be bottling and case storage. Second-floor will include wine processing. Third-floor will include administrative offices. Also includes a mezzanine with commercial kitchen and break room. Offices will have views of the Willamette valley.




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